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Production and supply of Iranian quality goods

01. what we do

Provide complete and practical services

The production and supply of quality Iranian goods includes all kinds of opal, porcelain, gold round Ben China dishes, spoon and fork services and accessory and decorative dishes for homes, as well as the production of suitable dishes for hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and organizations. .

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سال تجربه

The name of a familiar collection
in the group of serving and catering brands

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The ability to produce
Special containers in different sizes, materials and colors

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اعضای تیم

Internal and external expert
Sales and support experts Prominent Iranian painters and designers ​

02. Customer Satisfaction

Offer fashionable and qualified

The main goal of establishing Homit Group is to communicate directly with customers, receive their suggestions and opinions, and try to meet the needs of customers.

03. Our Store

Expect amazing

We appreciate your trust and the opportunity to serve your organization. As a company, we really care about this. Thank you!

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